Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine welcomes contributions electronically (including letters to the Editor) on all aspects of diving and hyperbaric medicine. Available below are our Instructions to Authors and necessary documents that relate to your submission. These are Instructions to authors, Mandatory submission form, Guidelines to authorship, English as a second language, ICMJE: sample references and Key words, which we encourage you to download, all or some of these documents. We WILL NOT accept incorrectly submitted documents/manuscripts/articles so please ensure your submission is in accordance with our Instructions to authors.

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DHM Instructions to authors June 2017

DHM Key words June2016

DHM Mandatory submission form 2017 (Please complete and sign and upload with your submission)

English as a second language

Guideline to authorship in DHM-2015

Reference guide 2017

Helsinki Declaration revised 2013

Is ethics approval needed

  • Articles from the SPUMS Journal (Volume 1, 1971) and Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine up to (Volume 43, 2013) can be accessed on the Rubicon Foundation website