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Original articles
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Review articles
Boet S, Cheng-Boivin O, Martin L, Hurskainen T, Etherington N. Evidence for simulation-based education in hyperbaric medicine: A systematic review. Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. 2019 September 30;49(3):209–215. doi: 10.28920/dhm49.3.209-215. PMID: 31523796.
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The world as it is
Todd J, Edsell M. A diver’s guide to subaquatic envenomation in the Mediterranean. Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. 2019 September 30;49(3):225–228. doi: 10.28920/dhm49.3.225-228. PMID: 31523798.
Case report
McCool D, Butler C, Evans J, Aase C. A case report of cerebral arterial gas embolism (CAGE) associated with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. 2019 September 30;49(3):229–232. doi: 10.28920/dhm49.3.229-232. PMID: 31523799.

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