Martin Sayer is head of the Dunstaffnage Hyperbaric Unit and the UK National Facility for Scientific Diving, both presently hosted by the Scottish Association for Marine Science located near Oban, in Scotland. He graduated from the University of Wales (Bangor) in zoology with marine zoology and his doctoral thesis was in animal (fish) physiology. During a brief post-doctoral fellowship, Martin continued research into fish physiology while lecturing in animal and human physiology at Nottingham and Nottingham-Trent Universities. He moved to Scotland in 1991 to work at the government research laboratories at Dunstaffnage and joined both the diving and hyperbaric teams; he took over as head of both units in 1998. Martin has published over 100 scientific papers, articles and book chapters and his currently the Editor of the journal Underwater Technology. Martin was elected a Fellow of the Society for Underwater Technology in 2002 and given the Inland/Inshore Diving Contractors Science Award in 2006 and the Houlder Cup for excellence in diving operations in 2008. He is the Technical Advisor to the Emergency Recompression Service in Scotland and was the technical representative on the committee of the British Hyperbaric Association 2008–2010. Martin started at school for a project that eventually resulted in him winning the European young Scientist of the Year award in 1979. He has over 4,000 logged dives and has led numerous scientific expeditions to both polar regions and to locations in all the oceans of the world. On the very few occasions when Martin is not diving, he spends far too much time and money supporting the Scottish national rugby union team in the vain hope that they may, one day, win something of note. A keen player in his youth, Martin played (possibly?) his last rugby match in May 2011 as depicted in the photo.

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